Bariatric Choice Diet Foods and Drinks


Before and After Weight Loss Surgery Diet Foods

A selection from the range of quality food and drinks at Bariatric Choice.

These and many more tasty items can be delivered right to your doorstep saving you the trouble of chasing around trying to find something enjoyable and correct for your health.

Any problems and Bariatric Choice will accept the returned products back with a full money back guarantee. Check out their money back guarantee policy for your peace of mind.

Suggestions for breakfast:

 Peanut CrispHoney CerealPancakesKay's breakfast Cereal

 Crisp'nCrunch Bars             Honey Nut Cereal           ProtiDiet Pancakes          Kay's Natural Cereal


Drink ideas:

ChocolatePrepared ShakeAdvanced wound careKiwi Berry

  BariWise Replacement           Promedis Shake        Pro-Stat Wound Care     WonderSlim Fruit Drinks


Great Puddings:

Chocolate ChipCherry PuddingChocolate PuddingReady to serve Pudding

      Chocolate Chip        plus Cherry                   and Vanilla too.          Ready to Serve Flavours


There is a fantastic range of Entrees.Beefy Vegetable Pasta

You can achieve your bariatric weight loss goals with the help of's selection of delicious bariatric dinner entrees.

Portion-controlled bariatric entrees make the perfect high protein, low calorie meal while on a supervised bariatric weight loss program, and for most phases surrounding bariatric weight loss surgery.

Choose from the wide selection of bariatric meal entrees that will satisfy your taste buds while slimming you down.

Plenty of necessary Supplements and Protein>cappuccino 

Fiber is an important part of a healthy bariatric diet as it helps to maintain digestive health and regularity.

Liquid fiber supplements help you get the dietary fiber you need for good health while on a supervised bariatric weight loss program and for all phases surrounding bariatric surgery.

Choose from a hand-picked selection of fiber fruit drinks, fiber gelatin, liquid fiber and fiber capsules to fulfill you dietary fiber needs.


Bartiatric Choice also offer packages of these products arranged into a complete weight loss kit.

Find out more about the company and arrange for Diet Food Home Delivery at the address below:

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